How to Save Money on Life Insurance

Term_plansA life insurance policy is a form of financial protection against the loss the can result from the premature death of the insured person. The one who is the beneficiary of the policy will receive a sum of money that should cover the financial impact of the passing of the insured person.

However good a life policy might be, people sometimes avoid or postpone choosing one because they think it’s expensive.

Let’s see what you can do for saving money on life insurance.

A Term Life Insurance Policy

You could choose a term life insurance policy, as it covers you for a fixed period – ou can go for ten, fifteen or twenty years. There is a fixed death benefit, and often you can find one with fixed premiums. The premiums that come with these policies are lower than the whole plan, but at the end of the period, you could recover some of your money.

Buy Soon

It’s important to get it started as soon as you can. The younger you are, the cheaper the life insurance policy is. It will help you get a better rate that could be out of reach when you’re older or if you develop different health problems.

Buy More

Even if you consider that you could buy a smaller policy to pay a lower amount each month, you could be wrong. If you choose a bigger life insurance policy, like a $300,000 sum, you will pay less than for a $150,000 policy.

The Medical Exam

Some life insurance coverage providers will promise you that everything will be covered, no matter if you take the life insurance medical exam or not. The truth is even if it can take longer to fill out the life insurance application, you should take the medical exam as it will pay off in lower payments.


Before you decide on anything, you need to know what a life insurance policy can cover. You have the possibility to get cover for death, critical illness or terminal illness. The policies are legal contracts, and any of them contains the terms of the contract along its limitations. You also need to know that there could be specific exclusions in the contract, like the claims related to fraud, suicide, war, civil commotion or riot.

Shopping Around

insurance-icon-10You should check out the offers from different insurers because there are different prices on the market. You need to get quotes from several life insurance companies and compare the payment that they can make and the money that you have to pay each month. You should skip making decisions based on what you see on TV or on the fliers that you might find.

Skip the Brokers

You know that if you go to an insurance agent middleman, you also get to pay his or her commission. The commission is included in the price of the policy, so you will pay more than it is worth. Because of this, you should skip the middle agent and go directly to the company that offers life insurance policies. You will discover that the price can be lower than what you knew, and it’s worth doing a little research.

A Single Insurer

If you plan on making a life insurance, ask the insurance company that covers your policies for home and for your car. If you get more policies from them, they can offer you a discount and a better price for your life insurance policy.